Trieste, August 26-28 2014

K-homology and graph algebras



The workshop will take place at

  • Università degli Studi di Trieste
  • Matematica
  • Via Valerio 12/1
  • Building H2Bis
  • Aula Morin 2nd floor

  • The main campus can be reached in 10/15 minutes from downtown by bus n° 17 which starts in Piazza Tommaseo, within walking distance from Residence del Mare.
  • Additionally there are bus n° 17/ and 39 (both from Railway Station), 3 (Via Ghega), 4 (Piazza Oberdan).
  • Tickets have to be purchased in advance at journal kiosks or tobacconists.

      • Bldg H2Bis is marked in this map of the main campus. The bus stop is some two hundred meters away across the street, in front of Pizzeria Manuel also shown in the map.